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Strathmore, Alberta

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At Liv Beautiful, a 90 minute Swedish Relaxation or Hot Stone Massage with Sheree Agerskov, benefits physical, mental and emotional well being, especially when it is part of your regular wellness routine. Massage calms the nervous system, reduces tension and anxiety, stimulates the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Liv Beautiful Sugaring & Massage is located in Strathmore, Alberta. Sheree Agerskov offers superior hair removal services using the ancient Egyptian method of sugaring.

Sugaring is a 100% natural, containing only sugar, lemon and water!

Sugaring is safe, gentle and effective for all ages and skin types.
Using the traditonal ball method, sugar paste is moulded onto the skin, removing hair in the natural direction of growth, which eliminates breakage, is less painful, leaving smooth beautiful skin.
Sheree is a SugarSmac certified professional, offers full body hair removal and specializes in brazilians. 
​She also offers Threading Hair Removal for the eyebrows and face, which is especially gentle for those on certain medications, creams or some medical conditions. It should be noted that Sheree is an experienced certified technician with cold and hot wax and has chosen to eliminate this practice to instead only offer the most gentle and natural form of hair removal.

Body Sugaring

The Ancient Egyptian Method of

Hair Removal

Liv Beautiful

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Strathmore, Alberta