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Our Services

For the Boys!

Brow Clean up - Threading 


BROzilian - (First) - or after 6 weeks 


BROzilian (Maintenance) 2 – 6 weeks 


Three BROzilians (Maintenance)


Five BROzilians (maintenance) 


Full Back or Chest 

To Book and view prices see HERE

For the Girls!


Brazilian (First)

or after 6 weeks 

Brazilian (Maintenance)

2 – 6 weeks

Three Brazilians (Maintenance) 

Five Brazilians (maintenance) 

Brow Consult - Badly shaped, Over tweezed?

Allow 45 minutes

A plan for proper shape and placement and how

to get there!

Brow Shaping - Overgrown or first Brow appointment with us! 

Brow Maintenance - Regular appointments every 4 weeks 

Upper or Lower Lip - Threading 

Upper or Lower Lip - Sugaring 




Full Face (without Brows) 

Full Face (includes Brows) 


Half Arms 

Full Arms 

Half Legs 

Full Legs 


Bikini - Just a little off the sides 

Bikini - A little deeper with the top off 

Bikini Plus – Almost everything! Deeper still, includes backside

To Book and view prices see HERE

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