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Before & After Sugar Hair Removal


Sugar paste is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive!


Since the sugar never adheres to live skin cells, only the dead cells will be removed acting as a gentle exfoliation, which is why we ask that you do not exfoliate your skin the day before your service. It is important to show up to your appointment with skin that is clean of all lotions, oils and makeup.


For best results hair should be approximately ¼ inch. If hair is longer it should be trimmed with an electric trimmer prior to arriving for your appointment. Can be trimmed at appointment.


Things to avoid for the first 24 hours after sugar hair removal:

· Perfumes

· Scented creams/lotions

· Deodorant if you had your underarms sugared

· Heat, such as baths/steam rooms

· Direct sunlight or tanning beds

· Perspiration. Let this be your excuse to skip going to the gym!


Exfoliation is the key to preventing ingrown hairs. Using a natural bristle body brush, exfoliating cloth or brush, or body scrub two to three times per week you’ll keep dead skin cells from trapping new hair growth under your skin.


The second step is to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. A good rule of thumb is, whenever your skin gets wet (after every shower or bath) moisturize with a natural lotion.


Slight irritation with redness and bumps is completely normal and should disappear within 24 hours.


For best results establish a routine suitable to your hair growth. Since diminishment of hair growth is a gradual process and is achieved by regular treatments over a period of time, the usual time span between appointments is 3-6 weeks; depending on the body part. The most effective time to sugar is when the hair is in early anagon growth, less than a ¼ inch long.


It is important to note that due to the changes that may occur in your hormonal balance from time to time, you may have unusually heavy growth perhaps once a year. This is quite normal. Keep in mind that the diminishment of hair growth will occur gradually, despite the occasional heavy growth and this doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t working or that your hair growth is being stimulated.

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